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There are few Africans whose creative journey has been as wide-ranging, singular and successful as the one travelled by Liz Ogumbo. Over the past decade, this formidably focused Kenyan, based in South Africa has established herself as creative entrepreneur whose work in music, fashion, television, radio and wine allows her to share an enviable commitment to excellence and to fostering relationships and projects that advance the African creative industries globally.

Whether it’s writing, recording and performing her original music, designing for her eponymous fashion label, hosting and producing Fashion Lab Africa TV and radio, or starting creative initiatives like #LSHW, Lipstick Skirts Heels & Wine—which has opened up an avenue for her to introduce her wine brand, ‘Liz Ogumbo’, into the market, Liz is unquestionably the new face of modern Africa. She is as much rooted in the continent she loves as the global community that is fast embracing her irresistible vision.

Liz Ogumbo Music #KenSoul


In conveying her creative output, Liz came up with a new, all-encompassing term—KenSoul. “KenSoul represents my Kenyan soul that allows me to stylishly weave musical stories of my Kenyan origin and global influences into the KenSoul experience.”

KenSoul is also the title of Liz’s first album, released to acclaim in 2010 - and is the reference point for her recently released follow-up, KenSoul, The Lotus Chapter album. Traversing multiple musical influences and expressed in Luo, Swahili, English and French (all of which Liz speaks fluently), Liz’s two albums reflect her genre-agnostic sound, her

Kenyan soul and her life experiences. Her humorous writing and skilled storytelling, combined with her smoky, sultry vocal abilities and mature yet playful sound, mark out Liz as one of Africa’s most notable artists.

Liz Ogumbo Fashion



A standout feature of Liz’s energetic live shows is the visual element which makes full use of her unique fashion sense. The latter takes expression in the style consultancy and designs that she creates under her label, from her showroom boutique in Johannesburg.


Known for her intricate pieces that depict the modern, fashion-savvy woman since it’s conceptualization in 2007, Liz’s fashion line is stocked with bold, elegant, timeless pieces that embrace self-definition through sleek cuts and simple yet provocative designs. Her Fashion offering exemplifies our lifestyles in an eco-friendly manner, while enhancing our individual expression to epitomize attitude from the inside out; a part of her creative life is as much a part of Liz’s soul as music is.


With a vision to be an African leader in bringing economically, socially and environmentally sustainable African fashion to the world while empowering African Communities, her brand chore guiding values include Integrity, Eco-friendly, Community development, Development, Sustainability, Empowerment, Women, UBUNTU, Style innovation, Standing out and Self-expression.


“I believe less is more when you ooze confidence, hence I have minimized fuss and accented the beauty of our individuality as beautiful women TODAY. My philosophy through what we wear is that every day should be celebrated as an opportunity to make our

Liz Ogumbo Wines
















Its not just wine, its music in wine. Each soundtrack to her enigmatic wines are carefully written to bring to life the relationship between the wine and the story through the music; as you experience each bottle of Liz Ogumbo Wines, you can scan the barcode to get you into the music.


She has recently introduce two wine varieties into the market; Pinotage 2013 ‘Mon Homme’ and a Chenin Blanc/Chardonnay 2017 blend ‘Msenangu’ with many more to follow. Her two debut 'Limited Edition' wines; Msenangu & Mon Homme are inspired by her music from her brand new Album, KenSoul The Lotus Chapter.



Liz Ogumbo Travel

Her drive and passion for travel embodies everything she represents from a lifestyle perspective as she opens up her soul through her travel for experiences that connect with her lifestyle.













Fashion Lab Africa











Fashion Lab Africa is a platform that dissects the business behind fashion in Africa and beyond with a vision to develop fashion businesses across the African continent while connecting the global fashion marketplace. Established in 2015, we help develop, grow and sustain fashion businesses across the African continent through our media platforms; Fashion Lab Radio & Fashion Lab TV.
















It’s no surprise to discover why Liz’s attachment to her roots, visibly threaded through everything she does, is far more than simply lip service.

Now firmly established as a leading Afropolitan with real vision, Liz is ready to take on the world with all aspects of her KenSoul experience and creativity. 

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“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” Nelson Mandela

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