Fluff n' Stuff

Show me fluffy and watch me thrown on my heels, put on my lipstick through smile across my lips and hit the city in my fluffy gown, fluffy clutch and even fluffy earrings depending on how I am feeling.

I don't see nothing wrong with a little fluff n' stuff because there is something about fluff that brings warmth and comfort into my soul in a different kinda way. It could be feathers, fur, faux fur, or just about anything with quality fluff and you can certainly count me in. There is a touch of sophistication and glam that the right kind of fluff brings to the fluffy wearer like myself and that is why I can’t get enough of her.

The last time I put on my fluffy gown a few months ago, I was out in Caiscais, Portugal with my girl, Francesca for a gala night. As I walked out of the changing area back-stage, the 1st person who stole a glance at me headed straight for me. I mean straight to touch my gown which was the ‘ying’ to my ‘yang’ (my silhouette), and when the next guy responded to my fluff reaching out to feel and touch, I knew my fluff was going to bring all the boys and girls to the yards and yards of fluff I strutted around gracefully.

I think it was a great idea that fabric manufacturers came up with alternative affordable fabrication that fulfils that fluff demand so that designers like myself can bring pieces like this 'Liz Ogumbo fluffy peep-back-gown' to life.

It’s comfortable, screams glam and sophistication affordably and does not leave fluff behind while you take over the red carpet. The good news is that it also has a convertible slit that you can zip up and down depending on who you plan to hang out with at your soireé.

Comfort, quality and style is all here waiting so you can wear her to the red carpet, or perhaps to your simple beach wedding. If nothing is really happening, you can take this piece out of your wardrobe on any given day and just throw it on because you can. After all; it’s Style!

Email us at fashion@lizogumbo.com for orders.

Everyday is an opportunity to make your mark…… Wear it!

Yours Fabulously,

Liz Ogumbo-Regisford

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